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With options: RH Display, 1-19% Oxygen Control, RS232 interface & 25mm access port

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  • 90 day warranty
  • One year warranty upgrade available
  • Calibrated, fully tested & serviced

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Refurbished New Brunswick Galaxy 170R CO2 incubator

170 litre chamber

Temperature range: ambient plus 4°C to 50°C

RH Display

Oxygen Control option: 1-19%

RS232 interface

25mm access port

Supplied with a 90 day warranty

Galaxy® 170 R high-capacity CO2 incubators can be conveniently placed on or under the bench or even double-stacked, making them ideal for a wide range of specialized applications.

The 170 R is the advanced model of the 170 series.

The Galaxy® 170 R CO2 Incubators are high-capacity, 170 litre incubators that provide superior quality, outstanding performance, and intuitive operation

Fanless design offers more usable space and eliminates the fan, an often repeated source of contamination. A six-sided direct heating system provides a uniform incubated environment to gently bathe cells, and the deep-drawn, stainless steel chamber eliminates seams or welds and allows easy cleaning. Features an LCD display with display readout of temperature and CO2 level, 72-hour data/chart logger, and alarm settings.

Galaxy® 170 R models provide a tremendous amount of usable space that can be optimized with options such as high temperature disinfection (4 hour at 120® °C), two O2 control options (0.1–19%, 1–19%) for hypoxic studies, split inner doors, copper chamber and interior for optimized protection against contamination, and humidity alert package.

For all units, CO2 control is ±0.1%, CO2 range is 0.2–20%, CO2 stability at 5% CO2 is ±0.2%, and CO2 uniformity is ±0.1%.

All of the equipment we sell has been used but has been refurbished to an extremely high standard.

Our incubators are fully tested and calibrated to verify the accuracy of temperature, CO2 and O2.

We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly when we receive them and again prior to shipment.

Technical Details


• Benchtop, Under bench, Floor, Stackable (x2)

• Sealed inner glass door

Seamless, fanless design

RS-232 and 25mm access port

Low gas consumption

Perforated shelving to facilitate faster recoveries

Large volume humidity pan

CO2 HEPA filtration

Reliable IR CO2-Sensor


RH Display

O2 control (1-19%)

RS-232 interface

25 mm access port

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