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0 to 100 PSI Pneuchange Unit c/w Integrated Battery Alarm


The Pneuchange Change Over unit was developed specifically for use with CO2 and other gas dependent incubators although it is now used in many other applications. Since it''s introduction it has become the unit of choice in thousands of laboratories world-wide. Pneuchange is recommended and supplied by most European incubator manufacturers and distributors and is compatible with all makes of incubator.


Pneuchange operates on a unique pneumatic logic principle requiring no electrical supply except for a battery to operate the change-over alarm. It can be placed anywhere in the gas supply line between the cylinder regulators and the incubator, either free sanding or fixed to a wall using the keyholes on the back of the unit. Inlet pressure gauges indicate the status of the gas cylinders and coloured indicators show which one is active. An outlet pressure regulator and gauge facilitate precise outlet pressure adjustment to the equipment. On depletion of a cylinder the unit automatically feeds from the alternative cylinder with no disruption of supply. Exhausted cylinders can be replaced at leisure. The unit requires no manual reset.


Inlet and outlet ports are 3/8”BSP threaded to accommodate a range of hose-tails to fit the supply tubing. Adaptors for other types of connection are also available.


Technical Details

Description: 0 to 100 PSI Pneuchange Unit c/w Integrated Battery Alarm

Extended Description:Two-inlet gas cylinder automatic changeover unit providing a continuous supply of gas whilst the exhausted cylinder is replaced. The unit is designed for use with CO2 and other inert gases supplying incubators and similar laboratory equipment. The unit provides a visual indication of active input and an audible indication of changeover.

Max. Inlet Pressure: 6.9bar (100psi)

Inlet Connection: 2 off 3/8” BSPP male coned R/H c/w 2 off hosetails to suit 6.4mm (1/4”) ID hose

Outlet Connection: 3/8” BSPP male coned R/H c/w hosetail to suit 6.4mm (1/4”) ID hose

Mounting Style: Flush, In-line

Wetted Materials: Brass, nickel-plated brass, steel, polyurethane, technopolymer, Cu-alloy, nylon, nitrile rubber, acetal

Non-wetted Materials: Steel (zinc-plated, chrome-plated), stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, aluminium alloy

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32° to 122°F)

Recommended Filtration: 20 micron. User to provide separately [see Other Technical Data].

Weight: 2.800kg (6.17lbs)

Voltage: 9Vdc (battery alarm)

Wattage: 0.072W

CE Mark: Yes

ROHS Compliant: Yes

REACH Compliant: Yes

Clean Room Manufactured: Controlled Environment

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Any other Technical Data: This unit must only be used for CO2 and other inert gases. The regulator is of the relieving type and so it is recommended that suitable ventilation is provided when the unit is operating. When setting the outlet pressure, always adjust on increasing pressure. Filters are available for incorporation into the Pneuchange inlet lines.

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