Gas Sensors

Specialist Gases - Sensors we can supply:

In addition to our standard product listing, we also offer more specialist gas sensing solutions including gas sensors and gas sensors complete with precalibrated 4-20mA transmitters, where required:

Arsine ASH3

Chlorine Dioxide ClO2

Diborane B2H6

Ethylene Oxide C2H4O

Fluorine F2

Hydrogen Chloride/Hydrogen Bromide HCl/HBr

Hydrogen Cyanide HCN

Hydrogen Fluoride HF

Hydrogen Selenide SEH2

Hydrazine N2H4

Ozone O3

Phosgene COCl2

Phosphine PH3

Mercaptans TBM

Silane SIH4

Tetrahydrothiophene THT C4H8S

Common Gases - Sensors we can supply:

Ammonia NH3

Carbon Dioxide CO2

Carbon Monoxide CO

Chlorine Cl2

Chlorine Dioxide ClO2

Ethylene Oxide ETO

Flammable Gases

Hydrogen H2

Hydrogen Chloride HCl

Hydrogen Cyanide HCN

Hydrogen Sulphide H2S

Methane CH4

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2

Nitric Oxide NO

Oxygen O2

Phosphine PH3

Propane C3H8

Sulphur Dioxide SO2

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Gas Sensors

We are able to supply a range of superior gas sensors, suitable for industrial, residential and commercial environments. We can assist your Company in building and installing quality gas detection products more cost effectively.

We can also provide the supporting circuitry, housing and accessories, enabling simple installation or integration into existing product designs.