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We can repair, refurbish and also source new spares for the following RS Biotech Galaxy CO2 Incubators.

Click on "View Spares" under each model to see what we can offer.

Galaxy Standard (Model 170-001)

Galaxy S - S/N2355 onwards (Model 170-200)

MiniGalaxy E - (Model 050-600)

Galaxy S Plus - (Model 170-200P)

Galaxy S - Prior to S/N2355 (Model 170-200)

Galaxy B (Model 150-400)

MicroGalaxy - (Model 015-700)

Galaxy B Plus - (Model 170-400P)

Galaxy R (Model 170-300)

MiniGalaxy A - (Model 050-500)

Galaxy R Plus - (Model 170-300P)

Galaxy Analyser - (Model 010-100)