SSA-20+ CO2-O2 Analyser

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Samson Scientific SSA-20+ CO2/O2 Analyser

The SSA-20+ is the new handheld CO2/O2 analyser designed by Samson Scientific to measure, verify and validate the CO2 and O2 levels on CO2 Incubators. The SSA-20+ is a vital CO2 analysis tool for field service engineers, laboratory technicians and on-site engineers who are looking for a fast, easy to use and accurate CO2/O2 Analyser. As with it's partner the SSA-20, the SSA-20+ has the backup of our excellent after sales support and calibration package.


  • CO2 Incubator verification tool
  • Solid State Sensor Technology
  • Ultra Low Power - extended battery life
  • Fast start – ready to use 6 seconds after switch on
  • Large colour touch screen

Easy to use

Fast and intuitive touch screen driven user interface.


It’s fast

Solid state sensor technology with extremely fast start time and minimal warm up mean the SSA-20+ can already be taking a measurement before other Analysers have even got the splash screen out of the way.



  • CO2 0 - 20% measurement range
  • O2 0 - 100% measurement range
  • Easy-to-use large colour touch screen which can be operated while wearing gloves
  • Weighing only 325g and with a comfortable handheld case, the SSA-20+ is convenient and easy to hold in continued use
  • Built in flip out tilting stand
  • USB charging


Key Benefits:

Fast start – no splash screen and a minimal power up time of 6 seconds mean the SSA-20 is ready to start taking readings as soon as you are

Quick and accurate verification of Incubator CO2 readings within the 0-20% range and O2 readings within the 0-100% range

No regular span calibration required

Rapid Air Zero Calibration in 90 seconds


Technical Specifications


320x240 TFT Colour Display with Touch Screen



High impact ABS, UL94-V0 with TPE coated polypropylene soft-grip corners



Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

Charges with Mini USB Charger or using 12v Car Adapter SSA-20-007

Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz 0.2A max





General Performance

Operating Conditions

5°C to 40°C (standard)

0 to 95% RH, non-condensing


CO2/O2 Measurement

Sensing Method

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption (CO2)

Patented Gold-plated optics (CO2)

Patented Solid-state source and detector (CO2)

Lead Free Galvanic O2 Cell (O2)

Two year lifetime (O2)


Measuring Method

Sampling (pump 0.35l/min)


Measurement Range

CO2 0-20%

O2 0-100%



+/- 1% of reading following calibration (For both CO2 & O2)


Pressure Dependence

0.13% of reading per mm Hg in normal atmospheric conditions.


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