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Dual Printheads, Clean Chamber Technology, UV-crosslinking system

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Inkredible+ by CellInk 

We are listing this on behalf of one of our local clients.

This unit has recently had a software update and the screen replaced by the manufacturer in Sweden.
It has two printheads and is suitable for printing into various receptacles e.g. multiwell plates and petri dishes.

Can easily be controlled by on screen display or hooked up to a pc/laptop for easier and more advanced programming.

The INKREDIBLE 3D bioprinter is a pneumatic-based extrusion bioprinter with dual print heads and UV LED curing system for bioprinting of complex human tissue models and organs for tissue engineering research. It is a cost-effective unit for innovators to enter the 3D bioprinting field and start bioprinting living tissues at ease. The INKREDIBLE+ can be used right on a lab bench thanks to our patented Clean Chamber Technology. With a HEPA filtered positive air pressure inside the printing chamber you can be sure that your bioprinting is sterile. Furthermore, the INKREDIBLE+ also contains a system for heating the cartridges, allowing for even more diverse uses in bioprinting.

THe INKREDIBLE Series can be controlled from the LCD controllers or they can be monitored through a computer with the use of the accompanied software. Your three-dimensional design files are translated into coordinates and instructions for the INKREDIBLE which allows the bioprinter to move according to a defined path. The bioprinting process works through the extrusion of a bioink or hydrogel biomaterial combined with human cells in a bottom-up, layer-by-layer fashion until a 3D construct is built. Once the construct has been bioprinted, it is crosslinked using the UV LED curing system or ionic solutions, depending on your bioink’s crosslinking requirements.

Please visit the CELLINK website for more information: https://cellink.com/biosystems/inkredible-2/

Technical Details


• Dual Printheads
• Clean Chamber Technology
• UV-crosslinking system

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