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Product Category: In-line Pressure Regulator for CO2/N2

Order Code: SS-REG-110

Order Code: SS-48R-1

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In-line Pressure Regulator for CO2 Incubators


These compact regulators are essential when connecting multiple makes and models of Incubators to your laboratory CO2 supply.

As the majority of CO2 Incubator manufacturers all use differing inlet pressure settings it can be easy to damage a CO2 Incubator which has a lower inlet pressure requirement.

By installing this simple, low cost device you can easily regulate the incoming CO2 pressure for each individual Incubator to the manufacturer's recommened setting.

Comes assembled and ready to fit and features Inlet and outlet ports with a 6.4mm stepped barbs to facilitate connection to commonly used 6mm ID supply tubing on CO2 Incubators.


Compatible with all makes of incubator.

• Suitable for Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen gases.

Clear and precise flow gauge

Low torque, non-rising adjusting knob.

Snap action knob locks pressure setting when pushed in.

Comes supplied with a handy wall bracket and hose clips

Connection is a simple 5 minute job!

Technical Details

Compatible Gases: CO2, N2

Maximum inlet pressure: 20 bar (300 psig)

Operating temperature: -20° to +65°C (0° to +150°F) *

Adjustment range: 0 - 1.6 Bar (0 - 23 psi)

Inlet/Outler Connections: 6.4mm Hose tails for connection to 6mm (1/4-inch) bore tubing

Accessories supplied: Tubing clips x2, wall mount bracket