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We can now source and supply all products manufactured by AFI Centrifuge in France.

AFI centrifuges are manufactured in the historic town of Château-Gontier in France.

The AFI team have over 20 years’ experience and know-how in the design and production of laboratory centrifuges.


The company, have currently developed three innovative centrifuges to date.

These are the: -


AFI Lisa 1.6 - 2.5 Litre Benchtop Centrifuge

(Ventilated & Refrigerated model available)


AFI Loreena 3 Litre Benchtop Centrifuge

(Ventilated & Refrigerated model available)


AFI Loreena 3 Litre Floor Standing Refrigerated Centrifuge


Features: -

All rotors across the range are equipped with the exclusive Clickspin™ system, allowing you to quickly and easily change the rotors without the use of tools. 


All centrifuges are equipped with Automatic Rotor Recognition.


An intuitive control panel incorporating a touch screen and a start/stop button allows you to program and use the centrifuge very easily, without risk of error or loss of data.  Very simple to use, with or without gloves.


Other features include Reinforced steel wall, Imbalance detection, Motorized closure lid.  Attention has been paid to the reduction of noise and vibrations.  Ergonomic closing of buckets lids with a Hinge-mounted system equipped with a single catch, it is easy to open and remove samples.


A range of rotors are also available to suit most applications.


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