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Product Category: Enbio Microjet Media Steriliser

World's Fastest Autoclave


Compact design, small-scale dimensions and low

weight allow MICROJET to be installed literally

everywhere – all you need is an electrical socket.


Always available for you to use. 24 h a day,

7 days a week. You no longer have

to wait to sterilize the needed media.


Owing to the application of Direct Energy Transfer

technology, the sterilization of liquid media takes

a very short time – as short as it takes to have

a cup of coffee.

Product Features

Standard lab containers

Liquid media, such as microbiological media, buffers, solutions of carbohydrates, or the water can be sterilized in standard laboratory flasks and bottles, glass and plastic, with a capacity of 100 to 500 ml. and temperature resistant up to 135°C (glass or plastic – PMP, PP, PTFE, FEP).

Plug and play

Operation of the MICROJET autoclave is simple and intuitive with no training required.

All you need is a standard electrical socket then just plug it in and start's as simple as that

Touch screen

All functions are operated using a touch screen, which also displays the sterilization process.

Data logging

Each sterilization operation is automatically stored on a memory card. As the data is stored in a format compatible with GLP it can be copied to any PC and read using the inclusive ENBIO Data Viewer software

It doesn't just come in white

The MICROJET autoclave is available in various colours – choose your favourite!



Process parameters

Sterilization temperature: 135 deg. C

Media exposure to high temperature: 80 s

Time of heating: 1,5 – 4,5 min

Time of coolingapprox. 4 – 8 min

Total process time: 7 – 12,5 min

Media temperature when completed: 95 deg. C

Technical data

Power supply: 230: 8 A

Max current: 0,95 kW

Working pressure: 3,6 bar

Maximum pressure: 5 bar

Weight: 15 kg

Process chamber volume: 2 l

Electromagnetic waves frequency: 2450 MHz

Protection class: IP 20

Data archiving: MicroSD card

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